Carpets do a great job of collecting dust and dirt, making them a breeding ground for allergens and pollutants that can make your employees and guests sick.

Regular commercial carpet cleaning will keep the germs away and your carpets smelling fresh and looking great!

Trained Carpet Cleaning Specialists
No matter how bad your carpet looks, we have the tools and know-how to bring it back to life.

Scary things other carpet guys do
It’s important to know which chemical and process is appropriate for your project. For instance, if too much chemical is used or not rinsed properly, a sticky residue will remain — attracting more dirt! Some companies may use hot-water extraction more than once a year, which actually damages your carpet fibers. Improper cleaning techniques can also void your carpet warranty.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning (encapsulation)
Low-moisture carpet cleaning is a gentle way to deep clean your carpets fast. Especially good for high-traffic areas that are a pain to have out of service (you’ll love the faster drying time), low-moisture cleaning is also considered “green” because it uses significantly less water and Earth-friendly cleansers.

Because low-moisture carpet cleaning uses less water, you’ll sidestep common headaches of other cleaning methods such as long drying times, premature re-soiling when someone walks on the carpet while it’s still wet, and rippling.

Extraction Cleaning
The most common method of carpet cleaning, extraction is great for removing dust mites, allergens and other organisms lurking in your carpet. This powerful cleaning method uses more water than low-moisture cleaning and requires a longer drying time.

Restorative Cleaning
Restorative cleaning is a total makeover for your REALLY dirty carpet. A combination of both low-moisture and extraction cleaning, restorative cleaning will:

  • Extract all of the residual carpet cleaning chemicals leftover from previous cleanings

  • A “deep cleaning” chemical breaks free all impacted dirt/allergens from the carpet fiber

  • A final “progressive” cleaning captures and removes any stuck dirt

  • Carpets are rinsed after each process with a high-flow extractor capable of injecting and removing more water from your carpets than typical truck-mounted systems and/or portable machines