Listen & Serve

Simple, we listen to your needs and we work hard to deliver and service your requests promptly.

Great customer service is not something we take lightly.  We are in the business of keeping our customers satisfied.  We stress that this process continuously and foster it in everything we do.  The majority of our sales leads are generated from our current customers.  It is our policy to be honest, considerate and most importantly helpful.  

Helpful, what does that mean?  

At Macedo Janitorial it means “to solve your problems.”  It could be a technical problem, a communication problem or billing problem, whatever the problem is, from the CEO down, our job is to solve your problem.

  • We answer the phone
  • We keep promises
  • We listen
  • We provide support
  • We provide training
  • We take the necessary time to understand
  • We call you back
  • We fix what’s broken
  • We thank you for your business

Macedo Janitorial understands that things happen, we are not perfect, but we also know that we are defined by how we react to our imperfections. 

Contact us and let us know how we are doing.