Why Should You Consider Macedo Janitorial?

Your facility is incredibly valuable to you, your employees, customers, and community. 
We know this, and we give that responsibility the respect and care it deserves. 

We do exhaustive background checks on our staff, and they must be absolutely clean and no question that they are legally employable. 

Along with our office number, you will receive our personal cell phone numbers. Guaranteeing, whenever you need our assistance we're here to help.

Our management team has more than 50 years of combined experience supervising commercial cleaning and maintenance programs for our clients. Together, with our commitment to hiring and training qualified professional cleaners, we maintain one of the best contract retention rates in the Janitorial industry. Our detailed quality control measures and our dedication to consistently meet our clients changing needs is unsurpassed.

We strive to bring long-term value to our client relationships by providing innovative, best-in-class Janitorial services delivered with integrity and accountability. These services include:

  • Frequent rounds by our management team to assess service levels and alert our managers to any recurring or potential concerns.
  • Daily supervisor inspections to show the quality of work performance achieved in a particular area and the necessary improvements.
  • Weekly inspections to review work accomplishments and set objectives for future work needed.
  • Quarterly department progress reviews to assess equipment operation, management systems, risk prevention, code compliance, program balance, and documentation.
  • Interviews and surveys to reflect how service is perceived by key people in your facility.
  • Executive joint review meetings to report on accomplishments, current program status, and future objectives.
  • Annual program performance reviews to detail our accomplishments and achievements.
  • Annual customer surveys to gain a clear understanding of our performance in meeting your service requirements.

Listen & Serve:

Simple, we listen to your needs and work hard to deliver and service your requests promptly.
Great customer service is not something we take lightly.  We are in the business of keeping our customers satisfied.  We stress this process continuously and foster it into everything we do.  The majority of our sales leads are generated by our current customers.  It is our policy to be honest, considerate and most importantly helpful.  Helpful, what does that mean?  
At Macedo Janitorial it means “to solve your problems.”  It could be a technical problem, a communication problem or billing problem, whatever the problem is, from the CEO down, our job is to solve your problem.

  • We answer the phone
  • We keep promises
  • We listen
  • We provide support
  • We provide training
  • We take the necessary time to understand
  • We call you back
  • We fix what’s broken
  • We thank you for your business

We understand that things happen, we are not perfect, but we also know that we are defined by how we react to our imperfections. 

Thank you for reading. If your facility needs a local, well-trained janitorial company, with Owners and management team willing to take the time to train, support, inspect and communicate with their front-line workers CLICK HERE FOR A FREE QUOTE THAT WILL SAVE YOUR FACILITY SUBSTANTIAL MONEY.

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