Our services include:

  • Restroom cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Floor maintenance (auto-scrubbing, stripping, refinishing, burnishing)

  • Back of store cleaning (offices, lunchrooms, conference rooms, warehouse)

  • Window cleaning

Retail Cleaning Specialists

Your typical janitor probably won’t deliver the type of service you and your customers expect. At Macedo Janitorial, we do things differently.

Each of our employees is an expert in their own area. We have carpet experts, bathroom experts, hard-floor experts, etc. Each position carries with it expertise, pride, and ongoing industry training.

Our experts know the specific needs and problems of high-traffic restroom use (translation: hidden places to focus on so the bathroom looks and smells spotless.) And we know the dirtiest, germiest places in fitting rooms that need to be decontaminated, not just wiped off (you’d be surprised).

And we know exactly how to remove the dirt, dust, pathogens, and allergens that increase employee sick days and reduce your productivity!

We’re here when your customers aren’t!
We are here to serve you. If you need service in the mornings prior to store opening, we’ll be there! Prefer to have service after the store closes? No problem!

Stress-Relieving Supervision
Our supervisors will be in your stores regularly to report on the quality of our work and make sure your custom scope is followed. Your feedback is important, but it’s only the first step. Our reporting system keeps track of quality scores and makes it painfully easy to find and fix issues before they start.

Shopping isn’t about the products you bring home, it’s about the experience. Your customers will linger longer and spend more when they enjoy the atmosphere of your store!

Make your customers feel relaxed and happy with a sparkling clean store! From shining floors to spotless restrooms and more, Macedo Janitorial specializes in cleaning retail spaces for maximum customer appeal.